What is agile coach camp?

Agile Coach Camp is an unconference using Open Space to bring together people interested in helping software development organizations and their business partners get better at mastering their craft. A wide variety of topics get explored each Camp.

What is the agenda of the conference?

Because the agenda of an Open Space meeting is emergent, it is impossible to know exactly what is going to be addressed during the meeting. Every morning the participants pitch topics they would like to host a workshop on “the marketplace”. Often what happens in the workshop is very much a co-creation between the host and the participants. The content of the workshops is created by the people attending in the workshop. – be prepared to be surprised!

What are the rules of agile coach camp?

  • “Whoever comes are the right people.”
  • “Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.”
  • “When it starts is the right time.”
  • “It’s over when it’s over.”
  • “If you are not learning or contributing, feel free to move to a place where you can learn or contribute.” This is also known as “The law of two feet”

Is agile experience required?

No. Every year we have participants who are new to agile as well as very experienced coaches. All that is required is that you are curious and collaborative.

Is agile coach camp only about software development?

No. Even though many participants work within the software industry, the topics within areas like leadership, motivation, innovation and much more are often on the agenda. It all depends on the passions and knowledge of the participants. Whoever is there are the right people.

What will I learn on agile coach camp?

When leaving the camp to feel inspired and energized from engaging with others in creating new ideas and get inspired. You will extend your network within the agile community, and you will have added new tools to your toolbox. Compared to an ordinary conference, the energy level of agile coach camp is higher, and learning through co-creation tend to make what you learn more applicable to your daily work.

What are my parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is free parking at the hotel.

What can I bring into the event?

Games, fun stuff and good session proposals

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

At info@goagile.dk